Every morning our baristas dial in our espresso grinders to ensure that the espresso you sipped on Tuesday afternoon is just as good as the one on Saturday morning. We take pride in adjusting our espresso recipe in accordance with new coffee varieties in order to bring you the most flavorful shot possible. 

Our "Benchmark" coffee is just as it sounds. We took a new approach to the typical "House roast" and gave it an upgrade. Not only do we brew Benchmark in house, every day, we also use it for our espresso. The beans we use for Benchmark do change seasonally, but our roasting gurus at Hardy Coffee Co. always manage to produce a hefty, familiar and versatile flavor profile that shines as an espresso.

We offer a variety of espresso + coffee based drinks and we can make almost all of them iced.

Some of our more traditional espresso offerings include:

Macchiato - a double shot of espresso topped with a dollop of milk foam.

Cortado - a double shot of espresso cut with 2 oz of steamed milk.

Latte - espresso topped with steamed milk. Add chocolate to make a Mocha, or try our ever popular turtle latte, with a blend of chocolate, caramel and hazelnut flavoring.

Cappuccino - espresso topped with steamed milk foam. For a Traditional Cappucino, try it in a 6 oz mug. 

Americano - espresso and hot water.

Currently, some of our barista favorites include:

The Affogato at our Flagship Commons location. A heaping scoop of Ted & Wally's ice cream topped with a warm shot of espresso makes the perfect after dinner treat.

If you order an "Irish toddy shot" in Benson, you'll get a shot of our cold brewed Benchmark mixed with Irish cream and a splash of milk.

Downtown is beating the heat with this refreshing combo: cold brewed Benchmark cut with sparkling water for a Sparkling Toddy.

Want to try something new? Just ask! Our baristas love sharing their new favorites. And don't forget about our Drink of the Month! Check out our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more.