For the past few months we have been featuring a Cake of the Week and each Thursday, we post a photo of this cake on our Instagram page, encouraging our followers to enter a contest to win a free 6” cake voucher.

While online giveaways are great, we also want to give a cake to local difference-makers. So each Thursday, our Bliss bakers bake two cakes: one for you to sample by the slice at our downtown shop, and a second to give to a local non-profit. We love our community partners and our weekly cake giveaway is our small way of thanking them for all they do for this city.

Below are a few of the nonprofits we’ve reached out to so far. If you’d like to get in contact with them or learn more about each of them, give them a follow on social media!  (Just check out each organization's website for their social handles).

Hope Center for Kids: The Hope Center provides a safe place for kids to go after school and during the summer. Children can receive tutoring, youth development and employment training, as well as a hot meal. With two locations, the Hope Center serves over 2,700 youth, children and families in Nebraska. To learn more, visit the website here: 

Charles Drew Health Center: Providing health care services to North Omaha since the 1970’s, Charles Drew Health Center now operates 12 locations in the Omaha area. CDHC believes in patient-centered services, acknowledging the important role of the community through quality health care. They work hard to “grow a healthy community” for all of Omaha. To learn more about all CDHC does to better the community around them, check out the website here: 

The Union For Contemporary Art: Uniting artists and the community, the Union for Contemporary Art works hard to inspire positive social change in North Omaha. They provide numerous opportunities for local artists to showcase their work and interact with the community. Founded on the belief that we can utilize art to inspire social justice and civic engagement, the Union makes the creative culture of Omaha stronger each day. Want to learn more? Click here:

We are so lucky to share this community with great organizations like these, and many more. Stay tuned next month for another update on Omaha non-profits we support.

Have a non-profit you’d like to see receive a cake? Let us know! Give us a shout on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or leave a comment on this post, and we will add them to our list! 

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