You want to know a secret?

It’s about Bliss Bakery’s delicious new item, our cake donuts. Specifically, our donut-of-the-month.

See, each month Bliss showcases a brand-new flavor of cake donut. The secret, though, is this: we usually don’t know what the new flavor will be until about two days before it’s premiered on the first of the month.

At Bliss, we are artists. We follow our whimsy; we wait to be inspired. During the last week of May, the Bliss family bickered and daydreamed about our June donut. Around that time, Autumn, our fearless leader, happened to visit the farmer’s market a block away in the Old Market. As she perused the booths, some fresh rhubarb caught her eye. (That’s right, our flavors are that locally sourced.)

Summer is a time for bright colors and fruity flavors. We wanted our June donut to deliver on both. A lot of thought went into what flavor we wanted to pair with our rhubarb, and in the end (after lots of taste-testing), we decided on orange. That’s how the Orange-Rhubarb Donut landed on our shelves. Stop by one of our locations during the month of June and try one! Maybe paired with a refreshing sweet pomegranate green iced tea?

If rhubarb is not your thing, fear not! We have a handful of our regular donuts also available each day. Try a chocolate one glazed with either cream cheese or coffee. Or try a classic vanilla one with sprinkles. Gluten-free or vegan? We’ve got you covered with our GF blueberry, our vegan chai, or our magical lemon donut that’s both!

Is there a flavor you love that you’d like to see baked into a cake donut? Give us a shout out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! We’ll take it under consideration at our next Bliss family meeting.