Sometimes, you don’t want coffee.

What?! What did he just say?!

He can’t say that!

Shut it down!

Cut the feed! Cut the feed!

This is a PR nightmare!

What’re we going to tell the investors??!

Who hired this guy??!

Woah woah woah, guys -- hear me out. 

Here at Aromas + Bliss, we know coffee.  We roast coffee, we prep coffee, we serve and supply coffee.  It’s our thing.  Where coffee is concerned, we take pride in our attentiveness, our passion, and our ability to consistently craft a fine cup with which to provide our community.

That being said, we’ve always offered plenty of non-coffee drinks.  Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to change it up, right?  Just take a look under the “Not Coffee, Still Good” section of our menu and I can guarantee, you’ll find something there worth cheating on your usual latte with.  I mean, homemade chai, anyone?

He’s got a point. 

Okay, I suppose so.

I forgot about the chai.

How could we forget about the chai?

Decrease alert level to ‘Yellow’.

We’ve got our eyes on you, bub.

After all, offering a variety of deviations from that traditional coffee shop menu allows us the opportunity to seek out and stock other exceptional products we couldn’t make ourselves -- while coffee is certainly our mission, our main focus, our libation of choice, we aren’t blinded by that focus.  If anything, it’s made us more aware of, and more appreciative of, the attention and care others put toward their own endeavors.

That said, we have always worked with experts in their own industry to curate our menu.  In addition to our long-time partner and neighbor, The Tea Smith, we found another teammate for the days you’re ready to mix it up. 

This month marks the beginning of our partnership with Artemis Tea. 

Oooh, tea. Ah, how’d we forget about tea for crying out loud?

Artemis Tea is a local brand founded by certified clinical herbalist Andrea Comiskey Lawse, and she’s got some very impressive stuff brewing. Currently, we’re offering four of her dynamite blends:

Huntress, a “Bold and richly layered...boast[ing] a heady bouquet of rose, cinnamon, and lavender gently grounded by...fine black tea & oak.”

Einstein, which is, as the name implies, “a refreshingly, lightly minty nourish the brain, still the restless mind, and support deeper thought & concentration.”

Botanist, “a powerful blend increase heart health, reduce inflammation, strengthen immune function, and build longevity [with] notes of cranberry, lemon & cacao.”

and finally, Gastronome, a “rich, satisfying disgestif blend [that] helps soothe the stomach, aid digestion, and delight the senses.  Notes of cream, cinnamon, coffee & mint.”

Tea is a delicate, intricate tradition, and we couldn’t be more excited to have--not one, but two--companies on board who are as dedicated to tea as we are to coffee. We will, of course, continue to have tea from our other local partner, The Tea Smith, available. Enjoy the always refreshing Sweet Pomegranate or Black iced tea, or share a large pot of their Earl Grey. Just ask your barista for our expanded tea list to try something new or take comfort in an old favorite. 

So, take a breath, sit back, and sip with confidence.  The coffee can wait (you have our permission). 

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