When we first kicked off the Hardy Coffee brand back in ‘15, we had a few goals in mind.  We wanted to bring roasting home to Omaha, NE, and get our own hands into this complex, rewarding process.  We wanted to be able to offer our customers a wide-range of seasonal, single-origin coffees, all roasted to their highest potential.  In addition to these diverse, ever-rotating coffees, we wanted to offer something a little different.  We had a vision of a coffee that would endure, allowing us to maintain a standard, familiar taste across seasons, and across the years.  After some painstaking trials, a lot of attention, and more than a bit of love, we finally perfected our first batch of Benchmark. 


Benchmark has been a member of the Hardy Coffee family since our launch, and it’s been pulling some heavy weight for us ever since.  This coffee is a jack of all trades, a Renaissance coffee, if you will, transitioning effortlessly and exceptionally from one task to the next.  It’s a chameleon.  With Benchmark, there’s something for everyone.

Benchmark is our go-to bean for espresso.  It shines as a standalone espresso shot, or can be blended beautifully with milk to be made into lattes and cappuccinos.

We also use it for our cold brew.  After a 24-hour cold-soak, Benchmark is ready to perform as iced coffee in its many forms, whether that be nitrogenated and served foamy at Flagship Commons, our Westroads mall location, or mixed with milk into a toddy latte, or just served black.  And, of course, there’s always the Toddy Cola - a crisp glass of Coca-Cola spiked with a concentrated version of the cold brew, for an added kick.  Benchmark really over performs in the warmer months, finding its way into a slew of refreshing drinks.

And lastly, it’s brewed up daily in all of our shops, served hot and traditional, ready to start the day as soon as you are.


Life can get hectic.  We at Hardy Coffee like to think we offer a chance to slow down a bit, to regather, to plan.  Benchmark is a go-to, a place to return; it’s quality that’s always available, regardless of season.

So whichever form you choose to enjoy Benchmark in, you can drink with confidence - you’re enjoying a coffee that’s good at its job.

Or, all of its jobs.