My husband and I started Bliss Old Market Bakery in 2010.  At the time we were just subleasing the kitchen and a tiny storefront from Aromas Coffeehouse on the corner of 11th and Jones.  A year and a half later, we had the opportunity to purchase the coffee shop as well. The biggest obstacle?  We really didn’t know much about coffee.  

Enter Leslie Wells.  

He had been managing a corporate shop, but was passionate about the community and small business and came to us with his resume and exceptional skill set.  Leslie took a pay-cut to work at Aromas and came on board with his knowledge, kindness, and sense of humor to help build a foundation for our small business that we have been working to reinforce and expand ever since. 

A few years ago, Leslie joined the staff of inCOMMON, a local nonprofit that works to unite and strengthen vulnerable neighborhoods.  Through a variety of community-based initiatives, they support residents to rebuild their neighborhoods on a course away from poverty and toward sustainable futures.  We’ve had the privilege to partner with them in a variety of ways.  

Monday night, Leslie was locking up a building on Park Avenue when five men jumped him with brass knuckles. KETV reports that the men wanted Leslie to let them into the building and when he refused, they assaulted him. (Click here to read the full story.)

This weekend, 10% of all our sales will be donated to Leslie and Caroline Wells as they work to pay for his ongoing medical and dental expenses.  We invite you to participate in this way and to donate directly through a GoFundMe account that has been set up for their family:

In very practical ways, Leslie has consistently served our community.  We hope that you will give to support and encourage the Wells family and the ideals they live by each day.  
Omaha is better because of Leslie Wells. So am I.