We at Aromas + Bliss believe that there is such a thing as a universal, common good: a communal wellbeing gained from environmental stability and a collective effort. Which is why we constantly strive to partner with and support other local organizations, like our recycling partners inCOMMON Community Development.

inCOMMON is a local nonprofit actively working to build a better Omaha.  They believe that a better world starts with stronger individuals and stronger bonds within and across neighborhoods to create stronger communities, and we at Aromas + Bliss couldn’t agree more. 

  Justin Fennert Photography

Justin Fennert Photography

One of the many programs within the inCOMMON entity is CommonGood. Started by one of our former Aromas coffee shop managers, Leslie Wells, CommonGood is a program that provides training and assistance to people as they transition back into the workforce, while also helping local businesses to recycle. 

Every day, CommonGood's employees collect recyclables from participating locations, load them up and transport them to a local sorting facility.  In addition to Aromas + Bliss, other local participants include Noli’s Pizzeria, Archetype Coffee, Upstream Brewery, and Kaneko, just to name a few.

So how can you, the individual, help?  For starters, keep in mind that those cardboard coffee sleeves and pastry boxes, those plastic lids and cups and muffin caddies we use to deliver Hardy Coffee drinks and Bliss Bakery treats to you, they are all recyclable!

Next time you go to toss that empty latte cup in the trash, feel free to drop it in our dish bin instead. Your barista on duty will take it from there. We believe in recycling as much as we can because we’re all products of our environment.

We realize that at our stores, we have the opportunity and the resources to help create a healthy, thriving community. CommonGood not only offers an environmental solution through recycling, it also empowers the members of its community through its program, and that’s something we here at Aromas + Bliss can definitely get behind.

As we move toward our future, our future projects and partnerships, we will continue to look locally for support. We will continue our focus on community and to make decisions with the common good at the forefront of our motivation.

We at Aromas + Bliss would like to think that, with the help of some pretty passionate friends, we can cultivate our community and ultimately, harvest some common sense.

If you want to learn more about inCOMMMON and the CommonGood Recycling program, check out their website here:  http://incommoncd.org/what-we-do/commongood/