Valentine's Day can be very sneaky.  The weather is frigid and the landscape is all sorts of dreary, and then here it is:  a celebration of love and delicious things in the middle of it all.  If cupid has caught you off guard this year, we are here to help you celebrate and give beautifully.  Here is a list of our favorite things that you can still pick up at the shops this weekend.

Baked Goods:  Our cupcakes are made-from-scratch and a delightful way to enjoy a single serving of cake.  February's cupcake of the month is chocolate covered strawberry (chocolate cake, strawberry preserve filling, and swiss chocolate frosting), but we have so many festive options. Red Velvet?  Pink Champagne?  Any number of delicious flavors with frosting flowers and sprinkles?  If you can't decide, we'd love to put together an assortment for you.
We have been playing with macarons for quite some time in preparation for this weekend. Might I suggest the dark chocolate with raspberry, chocolate with salted caramel, or the strawberry swiss?  The good news is that there is no wrong answer.  Also, these treasures are gluten free and can be made dairy-free as well.  
There are so many other delicious baked goods (cinnamon rolls, pecan rolls, scones, cookies, pretzels, etc...) that also make delightful gifts.  We desperately want to bake for you this weekend, but can only guarantee having specific items on-hand if you place an order.  Please call the shop to do so:  402.934.7450

Retail Coffee:  In addition to our consistent Benchmark and decaf options, there is new retail coffee on the shelves from our friends at Hardy Coffee Co.: Peru, Brazil, and Sulawesi.  These are a delicious way to round out a gift box or brew for breakfast in bed.  Don't forget that each purchase of whole bean also comes with a free 12oz. cup of brew for the buyer.  We call that a win-win.

Membership Keychain:  This lovely keychain, crafted by our friends at MTRL DSGN, is even more than meets the eye.  It is your all-access pass to our membership program which means 15% off of every AromasBliss purchase of 2016 and monthly perks.  For instance, this month our members get to sample the cupcake of the month and receive a free cortado!  Just sign up your loved one for the monthly newsletter and we'll take it from there!  

Gift Card:  It's all the goodness of a hot cup of coffee, in a small plastic card. It doesn't smell as good, but it helps make sure the good stuff is hot and fresh when it's redeemed at any of our three locations. 

Flowers:  We have teamed up with our friends at Zinnia to offer small, $20 bouquets at Aromas this weekend.  We hope these make your life more beautiful and convenient.  Check out their website for information on their other offerings and deliveries here in Omaha and Kansas City.