Recently, we decided to make the switch to Prairieland Dairy milk. We are excited to support another local business, and to serve our customers a high quality and delicious product. So, here is a little about what makes Prairieland Diary so udderly special.

Prairieland Dairy operates a little bit differently than your average dairy farm. They emphasize humane and sustainable milk, and that’s something we here at Aromas can get behind.  

Firth, Nebraska, is the home place to 1,400 happy cows that are just “part of the family,” at Prarieland Dairy. All of the cows are fed nutrient rich plants made from Prarieland’s own composted soil. Each animal’s health is closely monitored 24/7 by a small ankle band. It’s why cows such as Rosie, Oreo and Daisy May can produce anywhere between 176 - 256 servings of milk, comfortably, every day. Once the cows are milked, they can lounge in the Prairieland barn on sand beds that form to their heavy bodies.

When the milk leaves the farm, it is sent straight to Prairieland’s Artisan plant where the milk is pasteurized, cold separated and bottled. Cold separation is a technique used to achieve the full bodied natural taste of Prarieland’s milk, and it also keeps nutrients that could be stripped away during a heat separation method. 

Once the milk is delivered to school cafeterias, grocery stores and coffeehouses, Prairieland continues working. They turn the farm’s organic waste into their compost “Prairieland Gold.” The compost is made up of their own farm’s waste and also local communities’ waste, from schools to sporting arenas. 

After much milk sampling, Aromas swapped to the new local milk because of Prairieland’s environmentally responsible practices and its cute 1,400 member family of happy cows. And happy cows, produce delicious milk.

The difference is noticeable and the nutrient rich milk is perfect in our seasonal peppermint mocha, or splashed into a hot cup of Hardy’s coffee.

For more information on the milk, the cows, or the history of Prairieland Dairy, checkout their website at