Here at Aromas we strive to always bring you the freshest and the best. So in order to meet this goal, we are switching up our coffees again. The coffee may be different, but as always, our Hardy Coffee Co. roasters put the utmost care and attention into the roasting process to bring you the best new flavors possible. For an introduction to our two new coffees, read the conversation below between one of our baristas and Hardy roaster, Nick Tabor. 

So Nick, two new coffees—it’s so exciting!

Yes, we are really excited too

 It kind of feels like we just got new coffee though, so why are we switching?

Essentially we want to bring people the freshest coffee possible. Bringing the coffee immediately from when it was picked at origin is going to be at its best and most vibrant. And sometimes, what is picked at origin are really really small lots of coffees. Like, there could be only 20 bags—anywhere in the world—available. In the past, we’ve bought the entire lot of a coffee and that means that we (Hardy Coffee Co.) at that moment are the only people in the world roasting that coffee. When that happens we are the only ones who have that coffee available.

Ahh I see, so sometimes we have to switch coffee every few months because there isn't anymore of that lot?

Yes, exactly. The other thing is that sometimes by the time we move through it, other roasters have picked up coffee from those origins and that makes it harder for us to get the freshest beans. We like to move on and find the freshest available. Plus, having the same coffee constantly gets boring :) 

Alright. Well, can you tell me a little more about these new coffees, like where are they coming from?

The first new coffee we want to introduce is from Guatemala, from Finca Las Esperanza to be exact. The grower is Eric De La Rocha. It’s a honey processed coffee. Which is pretty interesting. It’s been a while since we have had one of those. Being honey processed, it will have a smooth, heavy mellow body to it. It’s pretty exciting. It’s also pretty exciting for us to get a farm specific coffee with a specific grower.

And what makes a farm specific coffee so interesting?

Well, often it’s difficult to do, so we are excited at Hardy to have one again. Basically, it just means we can trace it all the way back and get all the information on it so far.

(Hey Readers: If you want to know more about this farm specific coffee, scan this bar code!)



So what about the second coffee—Is it honey processed too?

No, actually our second coffee is from Brazil and it’s a fully natural-processed coffee. Fully natural-processed means it will be a little more fruit forward than a honey-processed coffee. It’s also one hundred percent yellow bourbon (pronounced “bore-bone”), and the owner of the producer is Sebastiao Afonso da Silva.

It will be pretty interesting because the normal thing with Brazilian coffee is it’s usually kind of boring, two-dimensional at best. But we are so excited about this coffee because it’s going to be a three-dimensional coffee, for sure. It’s got some really fruity flavors, but then also honey notes. It can even be mistaken for an Ethiopian coffee with some of its fruity notes, which is pretty exciting in my opinion. It’s actually almost like honey roasted peanuts with some chocolatey-notes as well.

Wow, sounds delicious

It is! When we first roasted it, it almost smelled like chocolate and wine to me. It was so intense!


If you want to learn more about our new coffees or to contact our roasters, click the link: If you want to try our new coffees, visit any of our three Aromas + Bliss locations and just ask your barista!