Photo by Hope Jewell

Photo by Hope Jewell

Summertime is weird for hot coffee. Our instincts send us straight to the ice, but our mornings still need something hot and delicious. It is hard to find a coffee both hot and refreshing - something to make your tastebuds happy without making you sweat before the summer sun is up. 

We have just the thing. Our brand new offering - Brazil Cocarive- is the ideal coffee for your summer needs. 

Our friends at Hardy Coffee Co. really nailed this one. A naturally processed Brazilian coffee, this brew has notes of honey and berries that will give your tastebuds plenty to enjoy while maintaining the smooth, refreshing body essential for a good summertime coffee. 

To help you get acquainted with this new coffee, we are offering 4 oz sample bags at both locations for just $5. 

If you want to drop some coffee knowledge when you share your sample bag with a friend, tell them this coffee is from the Cocarive collective, grown on the farms of the Pereira family, one of the most well-respected coffee producers in South America, and consistent producers of award-winning coffee. 

We are very excited about this refreshing new offering, and we look forward to sharing it with you soon!