Ladies and gentlemen, today is a big day in the life of our small business.  Today, we launch our coffee roasting program:  Hardy Coffee Co.  

To be more specific, today we launch our website and subscription program, our  Facebook page and Twitter account.  Today we kiss each individual bean and lovingly place them in retail bags to sell to you beautiful people tomorrow.  Yep.  Tomorrow, March 21st, you will get to taste this goodness in our shops and we couldn't be more excited.  I could go on and on in this blog post, but I suppose that defeats the purpose of a fancy website where we have been compiling lots of great information about our new venture already.

We are incredibly grateful for the teams of people that have put in long hours and buckets of energy to make this thing happen.  We are beholden to our staff for their input on this project, use of their tastebuds, and ability to hold down the fort while we work on something new.  We could not have created this without you.  
Special thanks to the following: 
-Nick Tabor (our roast master general) and his team, Julianna Klepfer, Andrew Randolph, and Westin Miller.  
-Our new business partner and jack of all trades, Micah Yost, for his work on our website and dedication to branding and helping literally whenever we need him.  Which is often. 
-Jacob Willis at Saltworks Film Co. for making yet another thoughtful and creative video for us. 
-The team at Fruitful Design for helping to develop a new brand and image that is at both times descriptive of who we are and pushing us towards who we hope to become.
-Our new neighbors at Bench.  This where the new roasting facility is located.  Ben Petersen and his team have helped with the buildout and a beautifully rugged space to launch this movement.

We are creating coffee that is excellent, approachable, and local and we can't wait to brew for you!    

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