Sometimes, in the depths of winter, shoveling out from under our SAD, we don’t want another wintry flavor. Who needs more peppermint? How is gingerbread going to help me drive on my un-plowed neighborhood streets? Does pumpkin spice have a space heater I can borrow? NO. Sometimes, we just need a little glimpse of spring, a subtle reminder of what’s to come. Enter our new Lavender Honey syrup.

Made with real lavender and honey, our bakers whip this up as needed for both shops (along with all of our other non-fruit syrups). The understated sweetness of honey and the delicate balance of lavender is perfect in a latte, mocha, or even an Italian Soda!

The Lavender Honey syrup will be available for a limited time at both locations starting Saturday February 7th. See you soon!