Today is opening day for our newest coffeehouse location at Flagship Commons.  This "uncommon food hall" has been in the works for months now, and we couldn't be more excited to be part of it all.

Our shop will carry the same delicious baked goods and drinks that you have come to know and love from our other two locations, along with a few new new additions to the family.  For instance, we have nitro cold brew on tap.  Yep, let the idea of that sink in for just a second.  Our same iced Toddy made with Hardy Coffee Co.'s Benchmark roast, but in a keg and infused with nitrogen--it is extra smooth and looks/feels a lot like a Guinness.  We are also carrying a variety of ice cream from our friends at Ted and Wally's.  This is delightful on its own, of course, but we can also top it with a shot of espresso to make an affogato or that same nitro for a Toddy float.

While you're here, we would strongly suggest that you eat at every single restaurant concept (maybe not all on the same day, but definitely all of them).  Because, whoa, are they ever delicious.  Being invited to work alongside Flagship Restaurant Group has been a complete honor and fantastic learning experience.  These folks are committed to quality food and an exceptional experience that is homegrown right here in Omaha.  The food is fresh and innovative and not at all what you expect at a mall.  We love that because every person and every place deserves quality food/drink.  

And, it's not just the restaurants that are local.  Everything about this project has been and we have loved working with our neighbors to create a uniquely Omaha experience.  Little things like our water purification folks (Futuramic's Clean Water Center), and custom draft installers (Draft Texs), and sign makers (Omaha Neon Sign Company), and hand letterers (Arbor Street Studios), and display case builders (Timbersmith), and videographers (Edison Creative), to crazy  huge things like the architect (Alley Poyner), and countless contractors and tradesmen, and the branding agency (Secret Penguin) are all from right here in Omaha.  

They've all been exceptional.  And make me proud to be part this city.  

We sure love sharing Omaha with you, too, and can't wait to serve you here.