So, we have this internal conflict.  You see, we don't think that these "Best Of" contests are necessarily reflective of reality.  Because folks are required to contribute to multiple categories, it would be easy to sign up to vote for your legitimately favorite restaurant or carpet cleaner then, just to complete the ballot,  pick 13 of the other biggest or best-advertised businesses.  It's tricky. 

Also, we prefer not to hound our customers so we don't want to post a daily reminder or relentlessly badger you in-person or print a million post cards to place conspicuously under your windshield.  It's tricky.

Now, here is the last bit of trickiness.  We would really like to win.  Yep, we want to be on the list of Best of Omaha.  We want to have earned that.  We want to have made you happy this year with a delicious latte or delightful birthday cake.  We want you to think of our shops as the best place to bring a friend from out of town or to schedule a business meeting or sit quietly and read a book.

So, if you feel so inclined, we would love your vote.  We want to be the best in Omaha for you, whether we are in the magazine or not, and we will continue working toward that.
applicable categories:
Cake Bakery

Thank you!