We're breaking up with decaf espresso. Now it's official. Blog official, Facebook official, official official. For a while now, we've been feeling like it hasn't really been giving us all its got and over the last month or so, while dealing with an unfortunate espresso grinder shortage, we've had to brew decaf toddy. Lo and behold, decaf toddy is DELICIOUS (something we cannot always, honestly say about decaf espresso).

Toddy, or cold-brew coffee, is something widely revered by caffeine addicts. Known for being smooth, low in acidity, and fully leaded, it's many a friend's summer choice for a cold beverage AND at Aromas, it's also a cold-weather favorite when expertly steamed with milk by our baristas. So, it's really a no-brainer. It's more consistently tasty for you and now no more apologetic head-tilts when we ask you if a decaf americano is ok. (It's not the same, we know.)

Starting Monday, August 25th, we will offer decaf toddy as our standard decaf option. We will ALSO brew a smaller pot of decaf coffee after 3 p.m. AND you can ALWAYS get a decaf manual brew if you've got a few minutes.

For the record, great decaf espresso is possible! Our current main espresso grinders are great, but our decaf grinders have seen better days. If you'd like our training manager, Kait, to talk your ear off about why the grinder is the most important piece of equipment on the bar, she'd be happy to. In the meantime, try the decaf toddy, hot or cold. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.