With spring here, the blazing hot days of summer cannot be far behind.  Fear not, we provide iced coffee to help you stay happy and caffeinated without the inconvenience of a heat stroke.  

We cold brew coffee at our shops from beans roasted by our friends at MugLife.  A lot of folks sell iced coffee by simply pouring hot drip coffee over ice.  Unfortunately, this shocks it and leaves a bitter, angry flavor.  Our toddy, on the other hand, immerses grounds in room temperature water for 12-24 hours (depending on the batch size) for a kinder, gentler extraction. This process takes a long time but creates a bold and smooth concentrate that we, and so many of you, have come to love.  Try toddy over ice or combined with milk for a different take on a latte. 

For those of you who have missed having single origin coffees in your iced beverage world, we have added a flash brew to the summer menu.  This uses the same equipment and full-immersion process as a Clever, but with half the liquid and over ice.  

Check out the video below to learn how to brew our whole bean coffee at your own home, or you can always come by one of our locations for the full Aromas Coffeehouse experience. Remember, iced coffee doesn't have to be underwhelming.  
Visit us and taste the difference for yourself!

What you'll need:
-gram scale*
-#4 filter
-200g ice
-200 ml filtered water (just off a boil), plus more for rinsing
-30g delicious coffee (ground slightly finer than drip)

Rinse your filter in the Clever.  Dump rinse water.
Add coffee and start timer for 2 minutes.  
Add 200 ml hot water and stir.
Cover Clever.
At 2 minutes, drain the Clever over 200g of ice.
The brew should finish draining around 3:30.  
Add more ice if desired.

Recommended (Kickapoo) coffee: 
Congo Muungano
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Reko