The internet is a wealth of knowledge for fledgling coffee nerds, but it is still the internet and misinformation abounds. Your Aromas baristas are always available to point you in the right direction, but what should you do if you're stranded somewhere like Chicago or New York where no one knows anything about coffee? Who to trust in this brave new world? Fear not! We've complied a list of five great sites to trust your caffeination to (when you can't trust it to us).

1. Brew Methods: A comprehensive collection of recipes for 11 different brew methods. This is a great place to start learning what you like to do with your brewer(s).

2.   CoffeeGeek: Slightly outdated, but full of great discussions on coffee from espresso to auto-brewers. Check out this thread on what grind size means to flavor:

3. Sprudge: The coffee industry's go-to for news, Sprudge covers coffee competitions, innovators of our industry, and highlights of our quirky culture. Aeropress fans should not miss this fascinating interview with Alan Adler, inventor of the aeropress:

4. The Kitchn: A great cooking site from the makers of Apartment Therapy, The Kitchn has recently launched a thoughtful and down-to-earth coffee column. A perfect read for all coffee lovers. See the inaugural post here:

5. Kickapoo Coffee: Nearly any specialty coffee roaster's website is sure to be a great resource. We find ourselves pointing the browser daily for flavor notes, farm information, and sustainability tips. If you've been drinking the Congo Muungano in the shops lately, you can read about it here: