There’s much debate on the subject of having “too much of a good thing,” but we’ve made our minds up here: not possible. That’s why we’ve decided to try something new and fun at our Benson shop this winter. We’ll be offering not just one, but TWO delicious espresso blends.

The first you know and love: Jam Jar from Kickapoo Coffee. A perfect blend of a washed Bolivian coffee and a natural processed Ethiopian. It’s a nutty, fruity, full-bodied sip with a kick of citrus. Great in our drinks, as you know.

The new kid on the block is from our friends at Messenger Coffee. Boldly untitled, this espresso blend is 100% unwashed and that’s a good thing! It includes a natural process Brazil, a natural process Ethiopia, a honeyed Mexico, and a traditional process Sumatra. It’s thick and syrupy with notes of bittersweet chocolate and peanut butter.

Now, all of that washed, unwashed, natural, honeyed, traditional process verbiage may seem overwhelming. Let us explain. There are a lot of ways to get coffee seeds out of their fruit. A farmer or washing station may remove some or all of the cherry (which is a little bit like a nutshell) before or after drying it. Some flavors in coffee are directly attributed to the way the coffee was processed, but just like snowflakes, each coffee is different, so whatever you know about the way coffee processing affects flavor, the best thing you can do is get yourself in here and taste it!

Enjoy either espresso blend in your drink in Benson starting now!