Has your (enter relation) been asking what to get you for Christmas?  You may have worked up a short list in the hopes of not exclusively receiving packages of socks on the big day, but if you are anything like me you begin drawing a blank pretty early on in the brainstorming process.  What if we could help you help the loved ones in your life finish up that holiday shopping?  

May we suggest the AromasBliss Member ship keychain? $40 will provide this schnazzy keychain that is good for 15% off everything you buy from Aromas and Bliss in 2015! Yep. Everything. Whole bean coffee, cakes, special orders, t-shirts, lattes, all of it. For instance, If you get a medium latte four times a week, your membership will pay for itself in just four months.

AromasBliss members also receive the perkiest of perks! Each month, you’d be entitled to a free mini cupcake of the month, a designated perk such as a free drink, an extra discount on a t-shirt, or exclusive admission to a class or event, AND our undying admiration each time you flash your membership keychain. Join today to save on all your caffeine needs in 2015.

2014 members may use their 15% discount to purchase a new membership!  You may also order your keychain online (http://www.aromasbliss.com/shop/membership-keychain) AND have it shipped for free until Christmas Eve if you use the coupon code:  FREESHIPPING