Often people think of Thanksgiving as an exclusively "pie holiday".  We love pie.  We really do, but what if the deliciousness of pie could be captured in the decadence of cake?  Below are our picks for feast-worthy cakes that may even get you hoisted onto some shoulders at the end of a great meal.  Brace yourself to be very popular.

Caramel Apple:  Spiced apple cake with caramel swiss buttercream frosting.  This is my mom's recipe and the dense cake is chock full of bright fruit flavor and nostalgia.  

Pumpkin:  This moist cake is layered with our not-too-sweet cream cheese frosting for a very balanced flavor and delightful taste of the season.  Pair this same cake with our espresso buttercream for an even richer flavor and our pastry take on a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Sweet Potato:  Trust me.  This take on a Thanksgiving staple is frosted with caramel swiss frosting, garnished with candied pecans, and will not disappoint.  It has all the comfort of eating a warm blanket without getting your tongue all fuzzy.  

Spiced Chai:  Here at Aromas/Bliss we make our chai concentrate in-house.  We love it so much that we began putting it in all sorts of things in addition to our chai lattes.  This cake is one of them.  We frost this delightful spice cake with cinnamon swiss buttercream.  It was one of the first recipes we added to the Bliss repertoire, and are still very much in love.  

Chocolate:  This cake is not inherently seasonal, but it is intrinsically delicious.  Pair it with your choice of frosting to customize your dessert for Turkey Day.  Some of our favorites include:  swiss chocolate buttercream, peanut butter frosting, espresso buttercream, chocolate buttercream, and German chocolate icing.    

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The shop will be closed Thanksgiving Day.