Pie is not on our menu year-round, but since it's on our brain this time of year we're moving the following deliciousness to the to-do list for you to order this Thanksgiving season.

Apple Ginger:  We tried adding some grated ginger root to our apple pie a couple of years ago, and there simply has been no going back.  The tartness of the Granny Smith apples and the spiciness of the ginger root pair perfectly with the cinnamon and sugary goodness of the rest of the filling.  This beauty is finished with a crumble top, similar to that of an apple crisp.   

Maple Pumpkin:  Of course we have to include this Thanksgiving favorite to the holiday menu, with a tiny twist of maple syrup as the sweetener instead of granulated sugar.  This change makes for a richer flavor profile, still chock-full of the same nostalgia as traditional pumpkin pie.  We would recommend serving this with whipped cream and high fives.

Orange/Bourbon Pecan:  Pecan pie is delicious.  Adding bourbon and orange zest really takes it to the next level.  This boozy pie is made with an open crust for you to swoon over its nutty filling.   

and Cherry:  For those of you who are scared of change, we have kept this pie as traditional as possible.  These is a hint of cinnamon in this hearty filling, encased in a fancy-pants lattice-topped crust.  All of our pie dough is butter-based and is the ideal canvas for these pie fillings to shine.

Please place your order by Monday, November 24th for Wednesday pick-up.
Just a reminder that we will be closed for actual Thanksgiving Day.