My grandma throws a tiny fit whenever we talk about selling potato rolls at the bakery.  It's her recipe, you see, and she just can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to make these deliciously dense dinner rolls themselves.  Why wouldn't someone want to make mashed potatoes, and save the potato water, and bloom the yeast, and mix the ingredients, and knead the dough, and raise the dough, and form the rolls, and raise them (again), and bake them, and slather them with butter right along with creating the rest of the holiday trimmings?

At Bliss Bakery, however, we firmly believe that every table should have mind-blowing potato rolls even if the table owner doesn't have time/energy to make them.  So we make said rolls and sell them for $6/half dozen to help make Thanksgiving dreams (and leftover turkey sandwich dreams) come true.

If you place your order by Monday, November 24th for Thanksgiving items, we would be very grateful.