Thanksgiving Days seems especially sneaky this year.  Just days ago I was out for a walk and, frankly, a little sweaty.  This week, the sudden cold snap and first snow have been a reminder of the calendar and the good things that are fast-approaching.  In case you are panicked or just curious how our little bakery and coffeehouse can help with your festivities, we are going to have a blog series of some seasonal options and suggestions.  The shops will be closed Thursday, November 27th for our employees to celebrate and rest, but will definitely be open for you to pick up orders the day before.  

This first blog is about the often over-looked morning of Turkey Day.  The problem with a feast in the afternoon is that it is miserable (and unwise) to wait until then to eat.  Let's be honest, you certainly don't need one more meal to prepare and shredded wheat is just not holiday food.  Cinnamon and pecan rolls, however, are the epitome of holiday food!  These delicious breakfast pastries warm up beautifully and can then be enjoyed in your pajamas, with a cup of coffee, and The Macy's Day Parade waxing nostalgic in the background.  Looking for additional breakfast options?  Might I suggest a round of scones, a coffee cake, or a half dozen chocolate chip pumpkin muffins?  Feel free to check out our full menu ( and then call (402.934.7450) or email ( your order our way by Monday the 24th to ensure we have the ingredients to accommodate all the goodness.       

Click the photos below to get a glimpse of the life of one enchanting batch of cinnamon rolls.

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